Every hat contains a story...


Tailor made storytelling.
You can hire me for an artisical and cultural program, for example in a library. Also I can cheer up party's at home.

My repertoir contains a lot of stories. It is also possible to ask me for a theme. Or to make a program for an afternoon or evening. Also I cooperate with my collega's of the Vertelplantage, then we can tell by turn.

Jeanet Landman (Arvos.info) and me, we have a workshop, named "rest for a while with a story".

About the content:
In all old story's our hero goes traveling for a difficult, dangerous journey. On the end the destiny of life is reached. We tell such a story. The images of this story and the visualisation afterwards give you contact with your inner source. From this you focus to walk your own path on your own way.
To do this we use a labyrinth. A labyrinth contains a holy space and is used in all the times and over the whole world for ceremonies.

Programs for childeren:

* The artist Jan Reemeijer and me, we give courses for childeren in the age of 5-12 years. First I tell a fairy tale or another story. Then Jan works with the creative process: the childeren are painting, drawing, working with clay and so on. Also Jan gives workshops in decor building, afterwards i tell a story and the childeren bring this to stage with using this decor. It is also possible that I give childeren lessons in theater: first they see me telling the story and then they performe themselves with different roles, using special clothes for this occasion.

* For example on birthdayparty's.

* The artist Willy Koolstra and me, we have a performance with a poem that is written by her, named "The Pantalon".
About the content:
We are in a wardrobe and hear a dialogue on rhyme between a pantalon and and her neighbour, the overalls. Both garments were jealous on each other for a long time. The pantalon starts complaining about her life. The overalls tell that his life has disadvantages too.
Nevertheless the pantalon wants changes. She is brave and is willing to offer much for this purpose. The smart overalls help her with this adventure.

Fit for childeren in the age of circa 6 till 11. Specially fit for schoolclasses. But also nice for adults because of the two levels. For more information about the work of Willy Koolstra see www.arterieur.nl.