Every hat contains a story...

Janke Sinnema
Grote Rozenstraat 62
Groningen, NL
050 5420314 en 06 24520745

Petrov Petrovitsj

Janke Sinnema is telling in the role of Petrov Petrovitsj. By means of this shoemaker we see the motives that makes someone to decide to leave home and fatherland to go far away: a wife who is boss in the house, nasty children, a small shoe repairing business that gives just enough money for a minimal way of living and the rumour you have heared at the hairdress salon: a country exist, far away in the West, where people live their lifes as life has meant to be.

We follow Petrov, who can't read and write, who has no idea about direction and that is why he puts the noses of his shoes in the direction he walked during daytime and who goes on his route like this. We are witness of unseen forces that lead our sympathetic friend back where he came from. Petrov is the ownly one who doesnot know. At once he feels at home! Convinced as he is about the new situation he goes to live in an abondened shoe repairing place and starts his new life with... a woman who is acting like a boss, nasty (grand) children. But..., and that is the most important, everybody is shining with real happiness. A wonderful story, told in a dry and humoristic way. A feast of recognition.

About the afternoon, which had as a theme "The Stranger", was written:
"The storytellers and the musician came as strangers, conquired all hearts and we put them, and they us, in the heart."

Maria Joosten, The StorytellSalon Mailpaper 2007-2008, nr. 2, oktober 2007, page 3.